Online Coaching

Perry Adam Lieber

I offer a distance personal training program for people who want to workout with me but can’t do so in-person.

It may be “Online Coaching” but the goal is to make it as “in-person” as possible (thank you technology).

This program is different because the interactions are much more than a daily arbitrary workout emailed to you. Thanks to technology and my goal to be as effective as possible this is more of an extension to in-person training through virtual interactions.

The system works really well and has been testing on top level CEO’s, professional athletes, celebrities, and a lot of people being stuck at home through the Covid-19 Pandemic.

Here's how it works

  1. The process starts with a (very)long conversation – either phone or video chat. This is were we see if our personalities mesh, discuss your goals, injury history, nutrition, past training history, and your favorite sports team (mine are LA Lakers and The Patriots, if you cared)… basically we just want to cover all the essentials.

  2. After that, I devise an initial plan – of course we stay in contact through this time!

  3. Then, it is your turn! I need you to send me videos of your training so I can make sure you’re doing everything correctly, especially on new exercises that you haven’t done before. Please note, I am very annoying when it comes to form – it’s in my DNA. Good nutrition and good workouts mean nothing if you get hurt doing them.

  4. Remember we can always iron out the kinks – We will have regular check ins to track your progress and you always have direct access to me; whether its emailing, text, phone, or facetime.

I am not the guy for you if you are just looking for a program - the process takes a lot of work on both of our ends.

I put a lot into the process and I expect my clients to, as well. With more people working out from home, I think this could be a great option to get as close to having a trainer as possible without having to go to the gym to see a trainer.

For inquiries related to private training, media, consulting, or gym design please send us a note.