Hi, I'm Perry Lieber

I’m a trainer in Santa Barbara. I work with an extremely wide range of clients: from moms and dads, to executive level business professionals, celebrities, and athletes from amateur level to professional.

Ideally a perfect client is anyone with a positive attitude, willingness to embrace the suck (i.e. work hard), and someone who wants to be creative and achieve goals. It is really that simple.

Every(body) is different and, so my experience in providing goal oriented and performance driven plans, cater to each person’s needs.  As a personal trainer I specialize in building a strong foundation of proper movement patterns combined with sport specific fitness and pre/post physical therapy exercises. This provides you with the opportunity to help break the pain cycle and take your performance to the next level.  My focused and individualized personal training programs will help put you in the best shape of your life.

As Seen In

Ema Boateng

“Perry is one of the fittest people I have ever been around. His non-traditional workouts helped increase my mobility and strengthen my hips and lower back. Now all of my muscles work together; it all starts here!”

– Ema Boateng: 2011-2012 Gatorade National Player of the year

David Wilson, Wordlwide President of Mentor LLC

“Incorporating the Foundwellness program into our workplace has been a great value add to employees; this opportunity to be active at work creates a more positive work environment that benefits everyone. It’s a win-win.”

– David Wilson, Wordlwide President of Mentor LLC

Mike Randolph, VP, Client Services at AppFolio

“The Foundwellness workout has changed the way I look at all movements and exercise. Not only has it helped build my core strength, I find myself sitting at my desk better and walking better!”

Mike Randolph, VP, Client Services at AppFolio

Jeremy Ellis, VP, Technology at ALG, A TrueCar Company

“I have always been in great shape and take pride in maintaining a certain level of fitness, but in the time I have been working with Perry and his team my endurance, stamina, and strength have all reach new levels. I am always pushed to test my limits without going to failure which allows me to stay energized and productive throughout the day.”

Jeremy Ellis, VP, Technology at ALG, A TrueCar Company

Andy Puzder, CEO of CKA Restaurants

“I spend a lot of time sitting at my desk or sitting on airplanes. At 61, this can wreak havoc on my neck and back. Foundwellness Training with Perry has made a real difference in my quality of life. The movements and stretches help open me up, reducing the pain and increasing my flexibility.”

Andy Puzder, CEO of CKA Restaurants

Ryan Williams, Engineer at Rightscale

“I take pride in maintaining a certain level of fitness, but being an engineer I sit for the majority of the day. In the few months I have been working with Foundwellness, I have reached a new level of endurance and strength. The program pushes me without exhausting me, conditions me, and has completely changed he way my body moves and feels. I am now ready for the Olympics, or at least some Spartan Races!”

Ryan Williams, Engineer at Rightscale

“My job requires me to either travel or be seated at my desk for long periods of time; it does not bother me too much because it just comes with the territory. However, recently this daily wear and tear really limited my back mobility and range of motion. Incorporating the regeneration and foundation and mobility workouts really helped solve the issue before it got too out of hand. Now I can enjoy my days of playing golf pain free!”

Ted Abajian, Executive VP and CFO at CKE Restaurants

If you want to reach athletic excellence, it takes work, and we’ve created a mold that is proven to be successful. Athletes come to The Workplace in Santa Barbara to become strong and more explosive so that they can perform better and avoid injury. It’s amazing how athletes’ progress and the difference the training makes.

The Workplace method teaches people to work the movement patterns, not the individual muscle groups. It’s accomplished by building a strong foundation and learning how to move correctly before loading the spine. Once this is accomplished, our system incorporates body weight, kettlebells, and cardiovascular and strength exercises.The Workplace program is unique because it is a proactive, hands-on approach to achieve athletic excellence. Services go beyond the dedicated workout time to include guidance on developing a overall health plan strategy that can keep the athlete peaking year round.

See the results of your hard work pay off and make the most of your years.